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The reviewer is expected to exercise his/her expertise and knowledge to critically analyze the content of the manuscript. Impartial, fair and constructive suggestions which can help improve the manuscript are always anticipated. A reviewer must be an expert in his/her field, should have in-depth knowledge of his field and should have been actively involved in reviewing manuscript for other journals or have an experience in reviewing scientific papers. When you successfully become one of our reviewers, later we may also invite you to join our editorial board. If you find yourself eligible, please join us.

Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal. Reviewers and editors determine which works are of quality and significance. Due to our extensive readership, the research and scholarship selected by our reviewers will ultimately have an impact on literacy in national and international classrooms.

- Job status: part-time
- Working style: Internet-based (web/email)
- Working language: English
- Payment: voluntary  job,  no payment

The applicants required:
- Hold a master degree (or higher) in a discipline related closely to the scope of the journal
- Hold a teaching or research position at a tertiary-level learning institution, e.g. university
- Have an excellent command of academic and professional English
- Have a strong interest in the scholarly journal
- Be capable of working to set deadlines
- Perform the reviewing procedure accurately

Reviewers and Editors Benefits:
- Reviewers' and Editors' names will be listed on the journal's web-page.
- Certificate of Appreciation
- Reviewers' and Editors' papers, as first author, published in our journal for free.

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Editorial Team
Indonesian Journal of Educational Management and leadership

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