English Language Requirement for Article Submissions to the Bulletin of Counseling and Psychotherapy


As of Volume 5, Number 1 in 2023, the Bulletin of Counseling and Psychotherapy will publish all articles in the English language. Submissions to the journal should be made in English, as this will allow for a wider audience to understand and benefit from the research and ideas being presented.

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Bulletin of Counseling and Psychotherapy (BOCP) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that contains issues related to counseling and psychotherapy. The Kuras Institute publishes the journal three times a year with Online ISSN 2656-1050.

The BOCP offers an ongoing forum for examining and discussing key issues and topics relevant to the journal's focus and scope through empirical research and evidence. The journal aims to create a platform that facilitates sustained dialogue and discourse on diverse perspectives, approaches, and current trends in counseling and psychotherapy. By publishing original research articles, theoretical perspectives, case reports, and review articles, BOCP provides a space for counselor educators and practitioners to stay informed on the various perspectives, ideas, and practices within the field, focusing on evidence-based practice.

The Bulletin of Counseling and Psychotherapy invites submissions of articles that explore various aspects of the field, including:

  • Empirical research that is of relevance to counseling practitioners
  • Innovative techniques, programs, and practices in the field
  • Current scientific issues and research in counseling and psychotherapy
  • Professional issues and commentary on current trends and developments
  • Summaries and critical evaluations of existing research and practices
  • Studies that provide insight into the counseling needs of individuals, groups, and society.

In addition, the journal welcomes brief commentaries or rebuttals on timely and relevant topics within the field to promote ongoing dialogue and discourse on important issues.



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