About the Journal

Journal of Islamic Scriptures in Non-Arabic Societies (JISNAS) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that contains issues related to Qur'anic Studies in non-Arabic speaking societies, published by Kuras Institute three times a year with ISSN Online.
JISNAS aims to provide a platform to examine and discuss information/interpretation, performance, and topics related to the Qur'an in Non-Arabic societies. The journal invites submissions from various perspectives and approaches, including non-Arabic developing countries. The journal aims to promote ongoing dialog and discourse on important topics and provide insights into the uniqueness of non-Arabic societies when interacting with the Qur'an by publishing articles that explore various aspects related to information or performance. This includes research from non-Arabic developing countries, which may offer unique perspectives and approaches regarding non-Arabic peoples' interactions with the Qur'an.
JISNAS invites article submissions that explore various aspects of the field, including: Qur'anic oral traditions in non-Arabic societies, Qur'anic learning traditions in non-Arabic societies, Interpretation with Non-Arabic languages, Non-Arabic performance forms related to the Qur'an and studies that provide new insights into the interaction of non-Arabic Muslim communities with the Qur'an.