Teachers’ Locus of Control: Influence of Religion, Tolerance, Age, Sex and Teaching Experience

  • Afolasade Airat Sulaiman Islamic university in Uganda, Uganda


This study is a description of the influence of religious affiliation, tolerance, age, sex, and teaching experience on Lagos state teachers’ locus of control (LoC). Nigeria in recent time is challenged by religious crises and various social vices which calls for tolerance and internal locus of control particularly from teachers who are role models that will subsequently influence others. The sample for the study were 600 teachers, 353 females, 247 males, aged between 22 and 60 years, 475 Christians and 125 Muslims randomly selected from 20 secondary schools in Lagos State. Two instrument; Adult Nowicki-Strickland Internal-External control scale and Tolerance Scale (TS) were employed. Test-re-test reliability of 0.83 was established for ANSIE and 0.80 for TS. Data was analysed with simple frequency count, mean and t test. Results revealed statistically significant influence of age, teaching experience and tolerance on LoC t (3.25, 4.05 & 3.52) = p 0.00 < 0.05 but no significant influence of sex and religion t (0.16 & 0.88) = p .87 & .38 > 0.05. However, participants’ level of LoC and tolerance were high (96.5% & 64.2%). It was recommended among others that the first major step to ending all crises in Nigeria is job creation Nigeria laws should cease to exist only on papers. Office holders should be held responsible for inadequacies in office without impunity.