Kuras Institute Journal Collection is an integrated Open Journal System hosted by Kuras Institute which allows editors to manage and organize their journals that they can work more efficiently and effectively, particularly in a team.
As a key vehicle of knowledge exchange, this open journal system strives to make authors and their research visible, with the goal of increasing all forms of collaborations and academic success. Our institution is sponsored member of Crossref since late 2020.
If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at info@kurasinstitute.com.


  • Bulletin of Counseling and Psychotherapy

    Bulletin of Counseling and Psychotherapy (BOCP) is a blind peer-reviewed and open-access journal that contained issues related to counseling and psychotherapy. The journal published three times a year by the Kuras Institute with Online ISSN 2656-1050. BOCP aims to attract a broad spectrum of national and international readers and contributors. Articles are published that are of interest to counsellor educators as well as to practitioners working in schools, community agencies, university and college counseling centres, and other institutions in which psychological counseling is practised. 

  • Bulletin of Indonesian Islamic Studies

    Bulletin of Indonesian Islamic Studies is a scientific journal published by Kuras Institute. This Journal focuses on the study of Indonesian Islamic Issues that developed in society with the textual and contextual approaches. The scope of the study includes: Beliefs System in Islam, Ideas of Muslim Scholars, Ritual System in Islam, Traditions or Customs in Islamic Society, Literature and Islamic Arts, and Islamic Education

  • Indonesian Journal of Instructional Technology

    Indonesian Journal of Instructional Technology (IJIT) is a scientific journal and open-access journal in the field of Instructional technology which contains conceptual studies and research results in the discipline of instructional technology. The journal published twice a year (February and August) by the Kuras Institute in collaboration with Institut Agama Islam Ma'arif NU (IAIMNU) Metro Lampung. ISSN: 2721-8910 (Online). The scopes of the Indonesian Journal of Instructional Technology are the development of instructional media/multimedia, problems and solutions in learning, development of instructional designs (models, strategies, and methods) with technology and development and use of e-learning in instructional.

  • Jurnal Pengabdian Multidisiplin

    Jurnal Pengabdian Multidisiplin also known as JAPAMUL (Online ISSN 2775-2097) published by Kuras Institute in cooperation with Scidac Plus. JAPAMUL concerned and published articles related to the practice and processes of community service, engagement, and empowerment. Every article published is expected to provide insights and inspire activities elsewhere on related issues.

  • Berkala Ilmiah Pendidikan

    Berkala Ilmiah Pendidikan (Online ISSN 2775-5312) publishes original articles on the latest issues and trends occurring  in education curriculum, instruction, learning, policy, and preparation of  teachers with the aim to advance our knowledge of education theory and practice. Moreover, this journal also covers the issues concerned with environmental education. In addition, the journal regularly carries a Comments and Criticism section which provides a forum for the expression of differing view points and commentary and clarification of topics in published papers. The Journal Editorial Board invites any manuscript addressing a relevant education topic that employs an established and recognized scholarly approach and also impacts or is generalizable to national and international populations. Quantitative research reports that employ sophisticated research designs  and qualitative research reports that rigorously follow naturalistic research methods are preferred. All manuscripts must provide a thorough review of the literature that establishes the research problem or the issue at hand as well as a thorough conclusion that addresses the implications and limitations of the research or argument.